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Laser Engraved Products for Donor Recognition


September 2004, STURTEVANT, WI. ~ Gift Bricks® U.S.A. announces Gift Bricks® Laserblasting - laser blasted engraved services for donor recognition and award programs. Gift Bricks® has been known since 1983 as one of the foremost brick and tile engravers in the U.S.A. with custom sandblasted engraved products. Now with the addition of Gift Bricks® Laserblasting, laser blasted engravings can now be applied to many materials including: brick (clay), tile, ceramics, thin brick, face brick, marble, wood, metals, donor plaques, and some glass. Engraved Gift Bricks® laserblasted donor recognition & award products are customized. They can be used indoors, outdoors, on donor walls, displayed on book cases / shelves, or desktops. The Gift Bricks® engraved product line is now one of the largest available of any engraver in the U.S.A.

Gift Bricks® Laserblasting engraved products offer many advantages: many popular & custom sizes for brick, tile, donor recognition plaques, a finer detail in logos, and advertising specialty products like the replicas with the popular thin-bricks tile line. Gift Bricks® Laserblasting engraved products are the new alternative to traditional sandblasting. Laserbasted engraved products are economically priced, durable, and they come with the famous Gift Bricks® Lifetime Warranty.Our team of Gift Bricks® customer service experts are ready to assist you every step of the way. Please call us with all your questions. We will be happy to answer them regarding all of our engraved product lines including: laserblasting, sandblasting, materials, sizes, colors, pricing, and shipping. We will be happy to customize your project to your desire. We believe that no project is too big or small, we can handle it all.
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The Gift Bricks® full time graphics & layout design department is staffed with a team of innovative artists that can provide you with ideas for all your engraved donor recognition projects. Their expertise is just a phone call away.

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All Gift Bricks® Laserblasting engraved products carry the famous Gift Bricks® Lifetime Warranty.


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